NESCOC is a growing church serving God and ministering to the Bartlett/Memphis area. The congregation was started by Minister Warren Blakney, the present minister of North Peoria COC, located in Tulsa, OK. Now the Northeast Side Church is being lead by ministering evangelist, Jimmy L. Stokes, II.


“Becoming a Christ’s Church”

People become a Christ’s church today by simply doing what people did during New Testament times. Jesus fulfilled the act but we must follow the biblical method. They learned about JESUS CHRIST and believed in Him (Romans 10:17 and Mark 16:16), repented of their sins to JESUS and turned away from their former way of life (Acts 2:38), confessed JESUS as Lord (Romans 10:9 & 10), were buried in JESUS CHRIST through baptism (immersed in water) for the remission of their sins (Romans 6:4-5; Acts 2:38; Acts 22:16 and 1 Peter 3:21), and continued living as a faithful disciple of JESUS CHRIST unto death (Revelation 2:10)
The Scriptures tell us that JESUS “purchased” (redeemed) the church (the called out) and not a building with His own blood through His suffering and death the cross (Acts 20:28). What a tremendous price HE PAID to redeem from the world those (the church) whom He would call His brethren. It is foolish to think that His body of the redeemed, the church, is not important when considering the price JESUS PAID for it. However, it is also un-scriptural in relationship to equally put the product before the manufacturer, the body before the head, or the saved before THE SAVIOR. You become the church (the saved), by being BAPTIZED INTO CHRIST (the savior) (Galatians 3:26, 27), and being a recipient of its hell proof promise (Matthew 16:18). Furthermore, no one can expect to find salvation outside of the church (the body of Christ), since it is the redeemed community Jesus established that assemble to celebrate the atonement of His blood.
Obeying Christ’s teaching by baptism into Christ (Matthew 28:19; Galations 3:26,27; Romans 6:3,4) and being added to His church by Christ (Acts 2:39, 47; 5:14) is what New Testament Christians did to be assured of heaven. That’s why we invite you to join us in studying God’s Word, and to become a Christian just like those in New Testament times.


Head of the Church: Jesus Christ

Pastoral Evangelist: Jimmy Stokes, II.

Deacons: Walter Portrum, Chris Liggins

Secretary: Diane Richardson